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7 Detained in Murder of Policeman; Opposition Reports About Security in Eker Greatly Exaggerated
21 October 2012

Seven Bahrainis have been detained and have been referred to the Public Prosecution in the case of a bombing attack in Eker around 1:00 AM Friday morning (October 19th) in which one policeman was killed and a second critically wounded during a routine patrol.

19 year-old Imran Ahmed was able to successfully dodge a petrol bomb attack, but then was fatally injured by an IED (improvised explosive device).
A video has been released by the Police Media Center of the Ministry of Interior, showing the lethal explosion (see link #1).

On Saturday (October 20th), the Director-General of the Central Governorate Police stated that the security measures put in place in Eker in the form of checkpoints at the entrances of the area are aimed at verifying the IDs of those entering and leaving the village. This is part of the on-going efforts to search for a number of wanted suspects.

Video footage (see link #2) shows reports of a “siege” on the village have been greatly exaggerated.

The videos show unarmed policemen checking the IDs of people coming in and out of Eker, but traffic is still moving.

“There has been no attempt to stop people from going about their business, attending work or school, shopping for supplies or seeking medical treatment, as exaggerated reports on social media suggest,” stated an IAA spokesman.

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